How do i delete all my downloads on mac

So grab them use them and Delete Downloads On Mac, whenever you want. So you got that, now move to next one cause I know, Its past now.

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Like I told you earlier there are multiple ways which mean there is lots remains for all of you. Alright, first of all, there may be few people I guess, who basically might be have no idea about MacClean.

How to find Mail Downloads on a Mac

So Its okay, I Am here to tell you all the things. It is designed to clean all the internet junks such as Download history, cookies, sessions from Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. This one is seriously one of the most advanced features that Apple gave us. Okay people, Finally we are here after all the words which contain solutions for Delete Downloads On Mac.

Well, That was passed, Now all of you need to do this is just follow these steps from both the ways according to your suitability and understanding. So as I always keep my promises to fulfill your needs, I mean Finding solution for all of you. Alright, jokes apart, Well that was the ways for you and your friends and now go and use them to Delete Downloads On Mac. Your email address will not be published. Most apps you use to download files from the internet use the Downloads folder as a default location.

Of course, this can be changed in the Preferences of each app. You can also instruct Safari and virtually every other app you use to download content to save files to a specific locations, but this is beyond the scope of this post. I recently went through the Downloads folder of my MacBook Air and found a few hundred photos and videos that were taking several gigabytes of space on my drive. As it turns out, my wife had been downloading all these photos and videos without even realizing it. Later, you can delete a program completely with the instruction provided by Uninstaller.

Open Launchpad to see all your installed applications on Mac. Choose and hold an application until it shakes. You can see a "x" on the top left corner of the icon. Click it and choose "Delete" when you are prompted. As a result, the program will be uninstalled from your Mac successfully. If you fail to find the "x" icon, then it means you did not install this program through the App Store. If you download something through your browser on Mac, then there will the related download history.

How to Uninstall Programs on Mac

Run Safari web browser on your Mac computer. Click "History" on the top menu bar. A new window pops up saying "Clearing history will remove related cookies and other website data". You can choose "All history" from the "Clear" option.

  • Part 1. How to Delete Downloads and Download History on Mac with MacClean!
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  • Pause and resume downloads.

Later, click "Clear History" to confirm and delete all history in Safari. Run Google Chrome browser on Mac. Then choose "Show Full History" from the drop-down "History" list on the top. Click "Clear browsing data…" option. Later, you can set the time period and erasing content you want to delete. To be more specific, you can delete download history from last hour to all time freely. Finally, click "Clear Data" to delete downloads on Mac in Chrome. Launch Firefox web browser on your Mac computer. Locate the menu bar on the top and click "History". Later, you can select "Clear Recent History…" to access your recent browser history.

Set "Everything" as the time range. At last, click "Clear Now" to remove download history from Firefox on Mac. Some people complain that the downloaded files are not always in the downloads folder. Due to the specific web browsers you use, your downloaded programs and files may not always be in the downloads folder.

To help people delete any downloaded file on Mac, Apeaksoft Mac Cleaner has simplified powerful features into a user-friendly interface. So both beginners and professionals can delete downloads on Mac safely and easily. Free download and install Mac Cleaner software on your Mac computer. Launch this powerful program and locate the default "System Status" page. Wait few seconds, then Mac Cleaner can show you the condition of your Mac computer.

Click "Scan" on the lower right corner to check the system status. Well, you can see many other options in the left panel. So what can those functions do? After you have figured out those features, things will be easier to completely delete downloads on Mac. Junk Files: Mac Cleaner can scan worthless files and trash items in a short time.

How To Delete Downloads On Mac [3 Ways] - MacMetric

Later, you can delete some files from downloads folder on Mac to regain more Mac space. Clutter: You can see the older versions of apps by type. And Mac Cleaner can help you delete programs on downloads folder by reducing clutter.

Duplicate Finder: Thus, you can get all duplicate files in seconds including videos, music, image and more. Similar Image Finder: Remove duplicate pictures from your Mac easily.

How to Delete Downloads on Mac Permanently and Easily

Shredder: Shredder can delete downloads on Mac permanently. Since then, nobody can recover those deleted files. Later, wait for a while to scan the certain files on Mac. When the scanning process ends, click "Review" to access the scanned result. If you are not satisfied with the result, you can click "Re-scan" to repeat the process. Later, choose the certain category to see classified files. Well, you can choose the small box before the certain file.