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Turn the Mac Pro to get at the expansion ports around the back as far as a cylindrical casing can be said to have a 'back' , and they all light up. Even if the Mac Pro isn't currently powered up, the ports are lit so you can plug in or disconnect peripherals. Leave it still for a few seconds, and the light fades to off again. Most of the Mac Pro's main expansion options are geared around external peripherals, so it has an excellent range of data ports.

There are four high-speed USB 3. These are based on the Thunderbolt 2 protocol, which combines the two 10Gbs channels offered by first-generation Thunderbolt into one 20Gbs bi-directional channel, making it ideal for streaming large amounts of data, such as 4K video.

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As up to six Thunderbolt peripherals can be daisy-chained to each port, the Mac Pro can support up to 36 Thunderbolt devices at once. You can, of course, use Mini DisplayPort monitors in a Thunderbolt port, and with adapters sold separately , you can also connect your old FireWire peripherals. For wireless connectivity, there's Every system ships with dual GPUs. Likewise, the processor a Xeon E5 starts at a quad-core 3. Memory is industry-standard, so can be user-upgraded. Gigabyte X Designare. Intel Core i9 X 3.

AMD Threadripper X 3. Samsung Pro M. Windows 10 Pro bit.

Why the new Mac mini makes me concerned about the upcoming Mac Pro

Apple System Hardware. V-Ray Benchmark 1. Puget Systems Workstations. Samsung Pro 1TB M. Samsung Das Keyboard 4 Professional Mechanical Keyboard. Logitech M Laser Mouse.

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For many living in the developing world SA with draconian import taxes the new Mac not so Pro will simply be out of reach. For a third of the price I can build a custom PC with upgradeability that will run circles around this attempt from Apple. What a shame. Looks like the second mouse does not get the cheese after all.

Pice is kind of what I was expecting. It is high, but it is comparable to a pro Boxx machine, or even the iMac Pro. But when I got into 3D 4 years ago, I nearly got the door shut on me at work because of the atrocious lookdev and render times using Physical. So I shut the door on Apple and built a PC that actually cost more than this entry level price Mac Pro, but rendered 25x faster than a core Mac Pro team render setup I actually did a comparison on a car render — Redshift vs Physical.

Once that dies, so will my status as a mac user. If we are to claim we want options, we should be glad this is happening, because the alternative would be pretty bleak. On a good note. Which means anyone out there with an eGPU can plug and play. My old G5 carries since 8 Weeks this Xeon and the Vega56 , gbt ddr ram and 10 tbt ssd.

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Redshift and Octane on Metal were most important announcements yesterday, as they bring Mac back to the game for 3D lookdev — with eGPU, of course. Hopefully, both will be available in fall for R Mac Pro is beautiful machine, technically and visually at least to me. Just need that Octane on Metal. You can use regular AMD cards in them.

Apple MPX modules are just Apple Store configurable parts and clever way to get more graphics power in available space. Great article. My thoughts are that the machine is way too overpriced for most 3D users. The motherboard alone will be outdated in a few years think PCI-E 4. End of the year is probably when the damn thing will actually ship anyway. If you want a cheap option, as always, buy a windows PC with Nvidia and keep doing that every 3 years cause the OS is designed to eat itself over time. The whole Nvidia thing is will less of an issue. Worth it just to not have to use windoze,.

This nonsense with Apple not supporting Nvidia needs to end if they ever want the pro-level 3D users to come back from Windows to Mac. Now I will say, that despite the comments on the exterior design, the interior has SO much potential. All those single and double-width PCIE slots, the ability to add up to 1. So either Apple needs to figure out this Nvidia nonsense prior to release, or someone in the hacker community needs to come out with drivers which will allow Nvidia cards to be used.

My bet is on the latter. This is why I say, pending you have crazy cash to drop on it, this is a great comp work station probably, but otherwise…. Ill just start out by saying I am a mac user. So, let my colors show.

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They also created a link between two video cards MPX Module that is an industry first. I question that sentiment. True, you could build one for a third of the cost…but in terms of someone going to Dell or HPZ workstations…this price is competitive. I would like an engineering and scientific workstation using macOS.

That will require that Pro means the OS will be flexible to support HPC software and hardware that are actually used by researchers.

Not unlike other creative professional, the power of the NVidia platform and the existing code base makes it impossible to choose this system. Apple wants creative professionals adopt their platform, but they are swimming up the Amazon by trying to constrain their technology choices. They are just offering the exorbitant prices. Which is a pitty. The screen looks awesome and great. But it is just is entering a niche space for color grading where it first of all will have to prove itself compared to flanders scientific, etc.

Can it compete with oled? Certainly not a monitor for every seat since it cost more than most common average workstations. I do really like mac. A lot. Lately I use renderfarms more. That said. How you would ever scrape your knuckles on the front of a computer actually baffles me. I watched the keynote. I think editors and colorists are going to be thrilled to have this machine particularly with that display and how many streams of 4k or 8k content you can run without proxies. When they listed the base specs, I almost did a fell out of my chair laughing when they mentioned the price.

On a side note, I think the single socket architecture is a waste with that processor. Should have been a dual socket. I waited and the industry moved on and I almost got lost in the dust with regards to getting work. I was a Mac Pro user for over 10 years!

Graphics: The Sighting of a New Vega

And honestly, I prefer my PC to any Mac. Once you get it going, the flexibility, speed and choice of hardware just make sense for freelancers and motion design studios. Performance is key here.

New Mac Pro: 6-Core vs 8-Core Benchmarks & Impressions! (2013 / 2014)

And I think The answer is pretty simple: The Mac has starting price is 6k. I would suggest to check what specs exactly you get for this price and compare with what u can buy for 6k by building your own pc. I have builded one maybe a year and a half ago for around 6k — 7k and it still can pretty much compete with this. I think at the moment its very difficult to judge this machine. Most important for me is the announcement that there will finally be metal versions of Octane and Redshift. Even if it still takes some time.

I do agree, I find the design pretty ugly, the holes too give my OCD palpitations. And up until this recent announcement, it really was pretty much ludicrous to stay in the Mac ecosystem for 3D. GPU is king of the hill. Mac had really drawn the short stick in that arena.