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Storing all your sent messages on the server is great for synchronization and easy access from all your devices, but as the Sent folder gets larger, your mail applications will begin to slow down when accessing it.

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This is even more obvious on mobile devices like the iPhone. We highly recommend creating a "Sent Archive" folder on your primary computer.

How to Sync Your E-mails to Multiple Devices

Every 6 months or 1 year, drag and drop the year-old Sent items into the Sent Archive. Since they're messages from a year ago, you likely won't need to refer to them from your iPhone or other mobile device, but you will still have access to them from your home or work computer whichever you do the archiving on. If you do not use mail archives for old emails and your mailbox is massive in physical storage, we will be unable to help you with any performance-related mail issues you may encounter as a result.

Tag Cloud. Keeping your Sent folder in sync across devices Keeping your Sent mail folder in sync is a straightforward concept, but unfortunately in practice, many Mail applications work to undermine its simplicity.

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The way it should work is as simple as this: You must be using IMAP for your mail on all of your devices. You must designate a single folder on the server as your Sent folder You must configure your mail applications to store your sent messages on the server rather than locally and they must all recognize the single Sent folder as their 'official' Sent folder.

What to Do When Gmail Is Not Syncing

If your Sent folder is not syncing, then one of the above three statements must be false. Therefore to solve the problem, you must fix the configuration so that the folder name is consistent across all device AND that it's specified as a server-side folder, and not a local one. When you add your mail account to your mail program, it should automatically configure your Sent folder in this manner, however this does not always happen in practice. As of Nov , we have implemented server-side configuration adjustments to auto-detect when your mail app wishes to use folders like "Sent Messages" or "Sent Items" and create it as an alias to "Sent" rather than creating a completely separate mailbox.

For some mail apps like Apple Mail and our Webmail this will occur automatically and you'll never know it's happened.

Other mail apps will show you both mailboxes Sent and Sent Messages, for example and they will both contain the same list of messages. If your mail app has already created a folder called "Sent Messages" to use, prior to Nov , you can fix this easily!

How to sync contacts in Android with Address Book on Mac

Use your mail app or Webmail to move all the messages from the "Sent Messages" folder into the "Sent" folder, then delete the "Sent Messages" folder. After downloading and launching Spark, log in with your personal or work email address. This address becomes your email for sync. When you want to use Spark on a new device, log in with this address.

Where can I enable it?

We recommend you to use for sync the email account only you have access to. For instance, the email address your company uses for customer support or client communication. Note: To provide you with the sync option, we encrypt the information about your accounts and preferences and store it on our secure servers. If you want to learn more, see the Spark Privacy Policy.

How to sync Android to Mac: Using Google to sync Android with Mac

When you log out from your email for sync, the other accounts you previously added to Spark automatically sign out from this device as well. Your message has been sent. Our support team will get in touch with you shortly! February 23, Click Spark at the top left of your screen Choose Preferences.

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Your email for sync is displayed at the top of the General section. Open Settings. The email address you see at the top is your email for sync.