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If you either select the Search for Unidentified Songs option and click the Scan button for batch ID3 editing, or select a song and click Identify to edit ID3 tag in a single music file. Click the Edit button on top to type text in ID3 tags manually. In the top Identified Songs tab, you will see all songs with ID3 tags updated.

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Click anyone to check its tag info. Usually, you can click the Apply button to save ID3 tag information in batch.


All the right data for song title, artist, album cover, album, genre and more will be embedded to the original music files, which will be played correctly anywhere you want. Remove Duplicate Songs : The duplicate songs will be displayed in the Duplicated Songs if you also check the option. I have tried MP3 Encoder and Tag from the App store but the first won't edit tags unless I'm encoding as well and Tag has practical limitations when editing multiple files. Currently I'm using a Windows program on an old PC but while its a good program, the PC is on it's way out and bootcamp isn't an option.

The original music files are on my NAS but when I copy these albums to my local iTunes library there are so many inconsistencies and errors that I think its time to correct the errors before I bring the music into my library. This would have the added benefit of allowing other members of the family to add these NAS albums into their local libraries without us all duplicating the editing.

Ideally the program should be able to handle save multiple edits in one go much as iTunes can but it must also be able to edit wav, flac, and at a push wma files as well. Programs such as TuneUp are not what I need as those work best on the iTunes Library itself whereas I need to preserve any duplicates e.

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Any help is appreciated. DrBubba macrumors newbie. Nov 8, 14 1. You can edit the ID tags on a single mp3 file or you can select a group of files and edit the tags which the files share in common. For example on a series of music files you can edit the album title, artist, year, genre and more that's the same for all the files. ID 3 Editor works great for me and maybe you'll like it as well. DrBubba said:.

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Jun 7, Tagr works nice and simple, although it only works for MP3 and MP4 - you seem to be needing something more complex. BlackMangoTree macrumors a. Sep 30, 2. Reactions: nhejazi and vladanh. DubTEC macrumors newbie.

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Nov 8, 1 0. I understood that You want to edit the tags before You import them into iTunes. I used to do that too. It only works in conjunction with iTunes as You e. The set of tools included is huge. To just name a few: Capitalization, search and replace to generating ID3 tags from file names and vice versa. From my point of view, You should give it a try!

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Here are some scripts that work with iTunes which turn iTunes into an amazing tag editor. WaterLover macrumors newbie. Jan 19, 1 0. Try Kid3 I'm new to all this, but I've got over 5, songs and have been using Kid3 as my Tag editor. It works great and is intuitive. It allows for changing tags on multiple files - even across albums and artists.

Also, it appears to work just as easily with all file formats. You can also play a song within Kid3 although it appears not to be able to play. It's very easy to use - even with large collections. I've tried some of the other tag editors suggested here and find them to either be confusing to use or not as feature rich as Kid3. It is easy to set tags of multiple files to the same values e. Last edited: Jan 19, SlCKB0Y macrumors Feb 25, 3, Sydney, Australia. SlugBlanket said:. May 11, 1 0. Good luck! Jan 9, 79 0. I use Tagr, it supports integration with Discogs.

Mar 22, 2, 1 NZ.

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I used Tagr as well but have recently moved to Metadatics. It's a bit more advanced than Tagr, but it's not free. Nov 24, 15 0. SlCKB0Y said:.

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