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Go with the design and brand you like to choose your bluetooth headphone for iPhone and Mac today. Definitely, the best apple airpods alternative available and many preferred when it comes to sports activity.

Beats by Dr. Dre Powerbeats2 vs Jaybird X2 Bluetooth Headphones

Jaybird X2 looks sporty and very cool for regular use as well. One of the main reason i like Jaybird X2 is because of its decent battery backup. For single charge it gives 4 to 5 days for normal every day usage. That is really impressive compared to many other airpods alternatives available in the market. Jaybird X2 is also one of the top selling wireless bluetooth headphones in Amazon and BestBuy. Rated as the best wireless headphones with excellent audio quality and comfort to wear for Running, Jogging and other regular workouts, Jaybird X2 comes in few colors and with few ear buds that you can switch easily.

I know the microphone socket is ok as I have recorded cassettes into iTunes through the microphone socket, and a colleague has tested the headset on his windows XP machine, the mic functioned perfectly. I am going to Hong Kopng in a few weeks so i will take everything with me and see if anyone in the Apple stores there can get these things to work.

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I don't care if the microphone works on it or not it's a detachable mic , I just want to be able to hear audio on them During the setup process, my computer finds the headset with no problem and everything is smooth sailing So I emailed Iogear support and finally got this response back from them The Senator macrumors regular. Feb 18, 0 Virginia.

I have an old logitech bluetooth headset and it works perfectly with my macbookpro. I use it for teamspex which is a program like teamspeak but for macs. Sesshi macrumors G3. Jun 3, 8, 1 One Nation Under Gordon. There's a difference between a stereo headset and a mono headset. The Mac will pair and work with mono headsets.

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It will NOT work, but it will pair, with stereo headsets. Sesshi said:.

see url

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Justice macrumors newbie. Oct 17, 2 0. This may be too obvious, but I missed this one myself, but, after pairing in the Bluetooth preferences, did you go into the sound preferences and select your headset? I have a stereo bluetooth headset iMuffs , and they paired, but didn't play until I did that. You know, that actually never occurred to me I had a very tiny thought that maybe I had to do something on the computer to get it working, but kept thinking it should be like my bluetooth keyboard and "just work" when I turned it on and had it paired I just tried going into my sound preferences, but didn't pay attention to the fact that I was in the "Input" tab and clicked on the headphones since I saw them right when the screen came up.

X3 // User Guides - Pairing

The light on the headset went solid, however, but the computer then lagged into the ground and I had to reboot. Now I can't seem to turn the headset off They seem stuck somehow and I can't get them to turn off, even though I deleted the profile from my bluetooth settings. So I guess I'll have to let the battery die or something Well, the battery died on them and I found the charger Then after a minute or 2 iTunes froze up with the spinning beachball and I couldn't even force quit it.

Eventually the whole machine just froze stiff and I had to hard-reboot. I've tried a couple more times, but now I don't get any audio from them at all and everything just freezes when I try switching to the headset in sound prefs. I'm not sure what the deal is unless it's just that maybe they're messed up and aren't giving a good BT signal and it's freezing up trying to find it or something.

In any regard, I guess I'll have to go on and send them back and maybe look for another pair that'll work but aren't really expensive. That's very interesting, thanks for the info. That would explain it then, because upon looking it up, these are in fact stereo headphones. I know you said it was old, but what headset are you using? That's just a single-ear headset though isn't it? I want something that's primarily a set of headphones that covers both ears. Get a bunch of super-cool apps to trick out your Mac for free [Deals].

Today in Apple history: iPad mini arrives. This p projector fits in your back pocket [Deals]. Become a YouTube mogul with this all-inclusive training bundle [Deals]. The new AirPods Pro are fandabbydosey [An appreciation]. Want AirPods Pro? Sell your old buds for upgrade cash today! News Top stories Jaybird's X3 wireless earbuds sing like two birdies in your ears. Leave a comment.