Ram difference between mac and pc

When you view the txt file, scroll down to memory section. The txt file will show each ram slot and the type of ram or no ram installed. Buying standard ram for a Mac can be problematic. For example Macs are sensitive to speed type, although the internet says fast ram is backward compatible, in reality it does not work all the time. You can identify your Mac in two ways.

Installing Laptop RAM into Desktop!?

Model identifier. Every Mac has a model identifier, it is the ID to use as it is unique to each series.

How and when to upgrade your Mac's RAM - CNET

You can use just the model and the year to identify your Mac. In the example above, you would go to the Apple upgrade page and find the model Macbook Pro 15 inch mid Server Laptop and Desktop DDR3 DDR4 DDR2 DDR 8. CL9 CL11 CL15 CL10 CL16 CL17 CL13 CL5 CL6 7.

CL3 6. CL14 5.

What is RAM?

CL 2. CL2 2. CL7 2. CL18 1.

Desktop Memory (RAM)

PC Mac PC and Mac 7. All Discounted Items Best Buy Business OneDealOutlet Canada Fast Distribution Compute4Less Corp BidDeal Urban Inspirations Deal Targets BestBuyCanada TeleasyOnline Walnut Grove Computers RoastedCanuck 9. On Macs, that only tells you part of the story, though.

Ability to Upgrade

To really diagnose your slowdowns, you should check Activity Monitor. Click the Memory tab along the top of the window.

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You'll see a graph at the bottom showing you how much of your RAM is currently in use. Remember that more free RAM does not equal better—as long as you have some free RAM, you're fine, and should look into other potential upgrades. In the meantime, you can check the list of processes and close any programs that are using lots of memory.

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Sadly, many modern Macs do not have upgradeable RAM. Google your specific model the one listed in About This Mac and see what's doable on your machine.

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