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Now it happens only rarely, though you still should back up your data before ever performing a disk repair. System file and folder permissions could become compromised over time because the file permissions were set improperly by an app, app installer, or the end user. Permissions could also become corrupt over time. Just like repairing disks, permissions could be verified, which produced a list of files and folders with their current permissions listed, along with what the correct permissions should be.

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The list of files with incorrect permissions tended to be so long that most users would simply select the option to repair permissions and never bother to verify them first. Repairing file permissions generally, couldn't cause any problems, and was often touted as a fix for many problems that could ail a Mac. Instead, Apple set up a system file and folder protection system that prevents the permissions from being altered, to begin with.

Disk Utility does a great job of drive repair most of the time, but there are other methods of performing the repair process, especially when you're having problems with your Mac. Additionally, the MacBook Air has never been able to be modified. A new HDD will be cheaper and get you more space for your money but will eventually face the same problems as your current drive. It will work in tandem with your existing drive and can be a great fall back in case your drive fails or needs a little extra help. If this sounds like the right solution for you, check out our list of the best external drives for MacBook Pro.

Then, you can copy your entire library of files, images, videos, and more to this backup location. Many cloud services also offer an automatic backup service, so you never have to worry about accidentally missing your recent files in the event of a hard drive failure.

THE CRU: How to clone Mac OS X using Disk Utility

Additionally, getting excess files off your overworked hard drive could help increase its speed. Testing your MacBook hard drive is something everyone should be doing at least occasionally. This drive, however, has gone missing from the desktop three times now.

How to Check SMART Status on Mac Hard Drives

Twice I fixed by opening my Mac Pro and re-seating the drive in bay two. The last time it re-appeared on its own.

1. Disk Utility

Very mysterious. Any suggestions? PS: My Diskutility screen is different to your screenshot. Otherwise, I only could see the Macintosh HD entry — which shows a mount point and a different set of parameters. Carbon Copy Clone also backs up your OS and is bootable. Saved my bacon more than once. Definitely a sound investment.

How to Test Hard Drive Speed on a Mac?

I DO still do Tm backups as well. Does someone know why? Note that the new apple macbook pros with the 2TB drives — this shows S. Probably not a big deal as no-one buys these anyway because they cost too much except for me. If you can afford one of these you can afford a robust backup plan also. Not all of us are lucky enough to have a newer Mac or Mac Book Pro.

Auto Offline Data Collection: Disabled. Self-test execution status: 0 The previous self-test routine completed without error or no self-test has ever been run.

Disk First Aid: Mac OS Disk Repair Utility

Total time to complete Offline data collection: 0 seconds. Suspend Offline collection upon new command. No Offline surface scan supported. Self-test supported. No Conveyance Self-test supported. Selective Self-test supported. Error logging capability: 0x01 Error logging supported. General Purpose Logging supported.